If you still think that you can learn the Chinese the Western way of thinking, you better visit Beijing.

Beijing is a metropole with unbelievable, sparkling innovations in a non democratic country. Doing business in China means that you have to adapt and stop thinking as a Western CEO. If you open your eyes, you will be surprised with  much technological innovations and unbelievable opportunities. The market in China is big with so many inhabitants. Enough business possibilities to make a great living. But how do you sell your product or service to Chinese people and what can you learn from them? A lot as long as you open your heart, ask for help and stay focussed. This is the only tour we offer with Chinese guides from the government. We need their help, because Beijing is a large city with so many hidden places and cultures. Reset Your Brand organizes international trade missions to China with our goal to learn you to understand another way of doing business. 

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