Lisbon & Algarve & Porto

Portugal, country of impossible traditions and one constant factor; constant change

Economical difficulties always lead to innovation. Even in Portugal. Portugal is for Reset Your Brand a country that is double inspiring.

How to deal with spatial planning and ingenious forms of street art. Our base is located in the Algarve. Boring, you will probably think, if you have enjoyed a holiday in the sun. Not quite, is our answer. Our partners in Portugal, professionals in architecture and urban planning, are engaged in two major groups. Supplying the rich of the world an environment where they feel at home and starting up social projects for the bottom layer of society, such as living in containers.

Lisbon is a beautiful city, with a huge street-art culture and the basis of big graffiti specialists. Oporto or Porto as we call it, is the Rotterdam of Portugal, hard-working, innovative and continuous change. Portugal land of impossible traditions with one constant; constant change. We have the experience.

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