Zwolle – The Final Frontier to the north!

Zwolle is one of those amazing cities with a positive feel, without creating a lot activity. Okay, the famous Librije, Michelin three star restaurant, is important for the city and the success of the local soccer team PEC, helped to give Zwolle a new look and feel in the last decade.

Zwolle has an amazing old and beautiful city centre with a few surprising locations. That is why for us it is an important location to add it to our list of destinations. And yes, the question of one of our clients helped. In fact it was the City of Almere who asked us to explore and compare Zwolle with Almere, and so we did.

Zwolle is a municipality and the capital city of the province of Overijssel in The Netherlands. It has a population of around 125,000.

Zwolle is also the city of Rock n roll legend Herman Brood. It is a lively Hanseatic town with a medieval centre. The city is perfectly suited for a weekend of shopping, cultural immersion and good food to go with it. During the Golden Age, Zwolle quickly grew into a powerful Hanseatic city. You can still experience the prosperity and liveliness of that time when you visit Zwolle.

The Fundatie Museum houses interesting exhibits and has branches in Heino and Zwolle. Don't forget to check out the ‘Waanders’ bookstore located in the Church of Brothers (Broerenkerk). Wrap up your day in one of the many culinary establishments the city has to offer and sample regional dishes such as Zwolse mosterd (Zwolle mustard), peperbuskaas (Pepperpot cheese), balletjes (little balls) and Blauwvingerkoekjes (blue finger cookies).

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