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Unlimited Sports Group

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After a few years organizing events outside their own doors, the Unlimited Sportsgroup asked us to use the USG Headquarters for a their own annual party in December 2013

A fantastic challenge, considering the amount of glass in the exterior and interior of  the location. Next to our Unblocking Experiences, we organise happenings where change is introduced to and celebrated with the staff. Our mission was to design a James Bond theme party with all the icons from the master. Mission accomplished with great success. Produced by Chiem van Houweninge Jr's Blue Dolpgin Enetrtainment Group, we had a fantastic party.  

Special thanks to MOVE, The Champagne Bar and the fantastic styling of Nicole van Houweninge.







Unlimited Sports Group

Unlimited Sports Group is the mother of different footwear brands (USG Brands) and the retail chains of Aktiesport, Perry Sport and Time Out.

We asked RESET YOUR BRAND and Blue Dolphin Entertainment Group to design our Harvest parties . With their creative efforts and their nice way of working together, we were very happy and looking forward to work with them again in future.


Amsterdam renewed.

Amsterdam has it all. Or has it all again. The creative climate has changed over the last years and contains a lot of new surprising concepts to discover. Every neighbourhood has its own DNA and a lot to see. That doesn't make it easy to decide where to go to. From a service point of view, especially in the retail area, Amsterdam has still a lot to learn compared to other Dutch cities. But why should they? Tourist are coming anyway. From the Haarlemmerstraat, Oud Zuid, the authentic North, the East area and Islands, de Wallen, there is such a large offer to choose from. Reset Your Brand offers Amsterdam for the international flavor but even more for their hidden treasures. Some people call Amsterdam an open air museum. Maybe true, but if you look with different eyes you could be surprised. Lose yourself in a canal maze. Window-shop where live merchandise is lit with red neon, or duck into a smoky little ‘coffeeshop’ selling substances not available over the counter elsewhere. If you think you’re a bit above all that, visit great art museums… and of course take your chances with the traffic and trams by riding on a bike. This is the part you will find in guides for tourists. Amsterdam is more than that. In fact Amsterdam is changing surprisingly during the last 2 years to an interesting city with new refreshing developments. Amsterdam looks casual, but is very organised. On your bike it will only take half an hour from the West to the East and from the South to the North, as long as locals are not yelling to get out of their way. Although Amsterdam is filled with stores, it is not famous about the service inside. We show you the unexpected parts of Amsterdam, the uprise of  'de Baarsjes,' the surprising projects of the North, the developments in de 'Spaarndammer' area and more. If you want to see the other Amsterdam and be inspired by the unexpected, join us on a surprising trip to the Hedonistic capitol of The Netherlands.

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