Antwerpen: An Explosion in Innovation
RESET Society

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Antwerp, how a city changes its own borders

A Red Light District designed by a famous Italian architect in the 'Schipperskwartier'. Three musea together in a new building nearby 'de Schelde' (MAS). This and other changes are reshaping the heart of the city. South goes to the Northeast and several new experiences are most effective in Antwerpen. We do believe in this new Antwerp, with a lot of inspiration. In a city were the local politicians are in power, people are looking for underground freedom and create new initiatives which are really unblocking. Antwerp is a complete city with a relatively small city heart. Antwerp is on the move and again a city where our clients are inspired.


RESET Society

The Reset Society is the RESET YOUR BRAND test lab. Potential clients who are considering to work with us can join us to feel what we do. We try out new cities for new tours. The Reset Society is used only once or twice a year. Every year we visit a new city or new parts of cities where we have been to in the past years. The atmosphere in The Reset Society is casual and free. We ask people their opinion about what they have experienced during the day. What was good, what could be better. So far we went to cities in The Netherlands. From 2015 on we will also visit some cities abroad.


Antwerpen is developing rapidly to a new city with new spots where it's all happening. Ten years ago 'the South' with its quays was the place to be. Now 'the North' is the place you should visit.

The remarkable facelift of the red light district (done by a top architect) was the start of more remarkable innovations. With building a new museum and developing its hospitality, Antwerp is a compact city, ready to be influenced by remarkable innovations.

As Rotterdam may be the Brussels of The Netherlands, Antwerp is the Amsterdam of Belgium. Reset Your Brand chooses in both countries for the 'second' city, eventhough Amsterdam and Brussels have enough possibilities to inspire our clients.

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