Sportlife Looking for Mental Freshness
Fresh Forward

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Commissioned by Fresh Forward, Reset Your Brand designed a two-day Unblocking Experience Designed for Sportlife in Berlin. 

The starting point of this two-day experience was the theme of mental freshness, with three routes in Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Mitte-Neuköln. We had appointments at the Nhow Hotel, Ilot Ilov and Huettenpalast, ending with an East German Tapas evening produced by Lucy's Love Food. After that we went out with the Sportlife people to become inspired by one of the many 'Wohnzimmer' concepts.

In Berlin, life is hard, creating huge inspiration and try-outs for new business cultures. For renowned companies and brands Berlin, is a source of inspiration.

Fresh Forward

At Fresh Forward we work together with our clients to a 'next level' innovation for their brand, organisation, services or product. These projects always start with an inspiration phase. In this inspiration phase Reset Your Brand proved that they are able to shape our ideas in 'real life touching inspiration. Taking us, with our clients, easier to a next level.

The Urban Explorers of Reset Your Brand are experienced artists with a great creative, international network. They show us places we never will find ourselves and bring us contacts we would never met without Reset Your Brand. They even inspire our inspirators. 


Berlin: Poor. But sexy.

The city of Berlin is one giant sea of eclectic, swirling, shaking, skint neighborhoods surrounding one dull, boring, bombed-out-and-rebuilt-in-commie-concrete centre. Artists and students came for the cheap rent, developers came for the quick buck and whilst gentrification is slowly creeping in, you will still discover the beating heart of Berlin in different districts of the city. Berlin is a magnificent, almost non-German 24 hour place to be. Inspiring around the clock, with a fantastic breakfast culture, 24 hour public transport in the weekend, a start up paradise. 

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