Berlin Boomerang Rookie Experience

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Berlin poor? Sexy yes...

Boomerang Media asked us to give young media buyers a lot of attention with an inspirational Urban Experience Tour in Berlin. In May 2010 we visited Berlin with 15 Rookie Media Buyers. Three nights and two days of discovering Berlin in another way, places you won't find in any Tourguide. Surprising speakers, Wohnzimmer concepts, intensive nights, bizarre locations and much, much more. Airports without airplanes, a museum with only logo's and so much more. After Barcelona 2008 and Rotterdam 2009 our last trip for the Rookies. We will never forget them, our rookies.



Reset Unblock Experience Tour (E-Tours). The enrichment.

At Boomerang Media we had the challenge to inspire our clients to think creatively. Besides that, we are always in for a party and have some fun. The media sector is often set more conservative. Time is money, hurry hurry hurry, at the expense of creativity in media plans. The ladies and gentlemen of the media agencies, tend sometimes to order the plans they have to make by using copy of the previous year. Which means in practice that the same media is used. How to accomplish profiling your business on the one hand while letting your customers feel the experience of their own influence at the (sale)process? Thus increasing your business opportunities?

That's where Ruud & co step in. 48 hours (non-stop) fun, discovery, challenges, wrong tracks, surprises, hapiness, disappointment, comfort, development, enjoying, do it yourself, thinking larger and deeper than used to. A rush of impressions, cultures and experiences rapidly pass you by.

Very cool and overwhelming in such a way that these “48 hours” are equal to a trip around the world of 6 months! You come out of it with a better knowledge of yourselve and a new fresh look at the world surrounding you.

The investment pays off within 3 months. As organising company you can impress your staff (and clients) in an unforgettable way. That pays off.

Do you dare? Up to you!


Berlin: Poor. But sexy.

The city of Berlin is one giant sea of eclectic, swirling, shaking, skint neighborhoods surrounding one dull, boring, bombed-out-and-rebuilt-in-commie-concrete centre. Artists and students came for the cheap rent, developers came for the quick buck and whilst gentrification is slowly creeping in, you will still discover the beating heart of Berlin in different districts of the city. Berlin is a magnificent, almost non-German 24 hour place to be. Inspiring around the clock, with a fantastic breakfast culture, 24 hour public transport in the weekend, a start up paradise. 

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