BOVAG goes The Hague
Fresh Forward

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After Berlin there was The Hague

This was our second tour for Bovag. After Berlin last year, we went to the political capital of The Netherlands, The Hague. The first time that we went to The Hague with a client and yes, we planned it together with the Top 8 summit. A heavenly guarded The Hague didn’t cause us a lot of trouble, although some areas where restricted for the public. The centre of The Hague is very compact, but also wide in possibilities to see. The Hague is becoming more and more interesting for companies to gather new inspiration for the future.

March 2013.

Fresh Forward

At Fresh Forward we work together with our clients to a 'next level' innovation for their brand, organisation, services or product. These projects always start with an inspiration phase. In this inspiration phase Reset Your Brand proved that they are able to shape our ideas in 'real life touching inspiration. Taking us, with our clients, easier to a next level.

The Urban Explorers of Reset Your Brand are experienced artists with a great creative, international network. They show us places we never will find ourselves and bring us contacts we would never met without Reset Your Brand. They even inspire our inspirators. 

The Hague

The Hague: The Barcelona of the Netherlands?

The Dutch constitution may identify Amsterdam as the official 'capital', but The Hague has been the Netherlands seat of government since 1588. Or, as locals say, the money is made in Rotterdam, divided in The Hague, and spent in Amsterdam. The Hague is also home to several fine museums and international organizations such as the International Court of Justice. This is the The Hague everybody knows. The Hague is Urban but still manageable, with a small city heart and a lot of green around the cityborders. The Hague is ideal to be surprised by the non touristic hidden spots. It's a city with a typical own flavor, a special humor, a The Hague popscene and a lot of surprising locations, you won't recognize if you are not an inhabitant of the city. Locals call The Hague a village where everybody seems to know each other. The Hague is a chic city from the outside, but with an underground heart to be discovered. Located near the sea in Scheveningen. The Barcelona of the Netherlands? It could be, but except the location near the see, a lot of things have to change. But don't underestimate the wish to change in The Hague. For the real Urban Explorer it is already happening.


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