Reset Your Brand in Your Own Factory
Purac Chemie

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'This is how we not do it' experience 

A chemical plant has various security measures. Changing a factory for an afternoon, to wonder staff about their daily walk to the workplace, is a great experience. In this case, with helmets on, because it's safety first in Purac Chemistry in Gorinchem. 

Reset Your Brand encourages more companies to make a trip in their own location. Temporary or long-term transformation just to unblock the business. The theme of this inspiration journey through their own factory was: 'This is how we not do it' - Experience. Because talking about what you are not going to do, gives an insight in what you are going to do. Without the insights of Perron 14, our partner, such a 'tour de force' would never have been such a succes.

Purac Chemie

We travelled a few times with Perron 14 and Reset Your Brand to innovate our own state of mind. Reflecting sessions at inspiring places. Rollercoasterdays full with surprise. Compliments for organisation, design and production to Perron 14 & Reset Your Brand for opening our eyes, from the beginning to the end.



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