The Haque, a surprising city!
RESET Society

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18 guests, 18 different companies, 3 Resetters, 12 speakers, 10 locations. A full day of inspiration in The Hague. Reset Your Brand.

With future partners in The Haque we organized a day full of inspiration.

Including the girls of The Imagery, Arie van Baarle of Institute for Forward Thinking, Ron Simon Stoop & Simon, Pascal Trompert of Tropa Caffee, The Maakhaven boys, The Hague Dandy's, HOOP Creative Department, Chinatown, the City of The Hague, Anselma from The Stand Up Gallery, Binck 5 hoog with Edwin from Moovs, Lola's Coffee & Bikes, De Vegetarische Slager, de Catacomben and LhGWR.

Quote from a participant:
Elbert Ricken - (former marketing manager, Unilever Food Solutions) now works at Bolletje BV Netherlands.
I've been twice on Reset Your Brand Unblocking Experience. Both were equally surprising and impactful.
Both in content and in terms of atmosphere and ambiance. In that sense, very good to justify from a business perspective and secondly, the management team will again become converged closer together.

During the second experience in The Hague I was wondering about the purpose for which the present and future lives. Clever how the Reset Your Brand organization managed to create a nice mix of content, experience and atmosphere. Thanks guys.

RESET Society

The Reset Society is the RESET YOUR BRAND test lab. Potential clients who are considering to work with us can join us to feel what we do. We try out new cities for new tours. The Reset Society is used only once or twice a year. Every year we visit a new city or new parts of cities where we have been to in the past years. The atmosphere in The Reset Society is casual and free. We ask people their opinion about what they have experienced during the day. What was good, what could be better. So far we went to cities in The Netherlands. From 2015 on we will also visit some cities abroad.

The Hague

The Hague: The Barcelona of the Netherlands?

The Dutch constitution may identify Amsterdam as the official 'capital', but The Hague has been the Netherlands seat of government since 1588. Or, as locals say, the money is made in Rotterdam, divided in The Hague, and spent in Amsterdam. The Hague is also home to several fine museums and international organizations such as the International Court of Justice. This is the The Hague everybody knows. The Hague is Urban but still manageable, with a small city heart and a lot of green around the cityborders. The Hague is ideal to be surprised by the non touristic hidden spots. It's a city with a typical own flavor, a special humor, a The Hague popscene and a lot of surprising locations, you won't recognize if you are not an inhabitant of the city. Locals call The Hague a village where everybody seems to know each other. The Hague is a chic city from the outside, but with an underground heart to be discovered. Located near the sea in Scheveningen. The Barcelona of the Netherlands? It could be, but except the location near the see, a lot of things have to change. But don't underestimate the wish to change in The Hague. For the real Urban Explorer it is already happening.


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