Exploring Milan for Fresh Forward
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Exploring Milan for Fresh Forward.

For one of the customers of Fresh Forward we had the opportunity to explore Milan.

Milan: City of design, fashion, culture, fantastic experiences and food in all her diversity.

Milan is one of our newest destinations. Interesting in many ways. Surpising if you look further than the touristic centre around the Duomo and with hidden gems you won’t expect. Around East Milan & Porte Venezia, Porte Vittoria & Navigli, Porte Ticinese & Sempione, Chinatown & Garibaldi & Cadoma. But also downtown Milan around the Duomo & Brera and Moscova.

What an inspiring city!



Fresh Forward

At Fresh Forward we work together with our clients to a 'next level' innovation for their brand, organisation, services or product. These projects always start with an inspiration phase. In this inspiration phase Reset Your Brand proved that they are able to shape our ideas in 'real life touching inspiration. Taking us, with our clients, easier to a next level.

The Urban Explorers of Reset Your Brand are experienced artists with a great creative, international network. They show us places we never will find ourselves and bring us contacts we would never met without Reset Your Brand. They even inspire our inspirators. 


Milan – Is this really Italy?

Fashion capital of the world or not, Milan has the kind of understated charm that takes a while to appreciate. True, at first glance it may not look more than an economic and transport hub; but be warned: give it a few days and you’ll see there’s more to Milan than designer boutiques.

Milan has something for everyone. World-class shopping and a thriving cultural scene. Bespectacled hipsters strolling side by side Gucci-toting beauties. Designer bars and family-run trattorie, with a pinch of artisan breweries thrown in. What is true of Milan, is true of its people. The Milanese have a reputation for being unfriendly and obsessed with work. And after moaning that Milan is not as cool as London or Berlin, by the end of the night you will confess there’s nowhere else you rather be.



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