The Portugal Triangle, Lisboa, Oporto & Algarve
RESET Society

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Portugal, country of impossible traditions and one constant factor: constant change

Our friend and Urban Explorer for Portugal lived in Holland for years. With Soap Ateliers he not only decorated houses, but also designed packaging for products. In those days, Soap Ateliers consisted of interior designers and architects with a fresh look at things. Arnold went to Portugal and warned us not to forget this country. We asked him to develop Lisboa but he refused. He said, ' sorry but if you really want to be inspired come over for three days and be surprised by the industrial rough touch of Porto, the beauty and elegance of Lisboa, but most of all be surprised by the green projects from start ups in the desolate areas of the Algarve.' And come to Portugal to meet new ways of thinking about building, for who and for the rhythm of the country. And so we did, and we were surprised indeed. Portugal is a stunning country. It has always been one of the poorest countries in Europe and the modesty of the population is still something you can feel in the way they communicate their sometimes sensational developments. Portugal is our surprise sensation.

RESET Society

The Reset Society is the RESET YOUR BRAND test lab. Potential clients who are considering to work with us can join us to feel what we do. We try out new cities for new tours. The Reset Society is used only once or twice a year. Every year we visit a new city or new parts of cities where we have been to in the past years. The atmosphere in The Reset Society is casual and free. We ask people their opinion about what they have experienced during the day. What was good, what could be better. So far we went to cities in The Netherlands. From 2015 on we will also visit some cities abroad.

Lisbon & Algarve & Porto

Portugal, country of impossible traditions and one constant factor; constant change

Economical difficulties always lead to innovation. Even in Portugal. Portugal is for Reset Your Brand a country that is double inspiring.

How to deal with spatial planning and ingenious forms of street art. Our base is located in the Algarve. Boring, you will probably think, if you have enjoyed a holiday in the sun. Not quite, is our answer. Our partners in Portugal, professionals in architecture and urban planning, are engaged in two major groups. Supplying the rich of the world an environment where they feel at home and starting up social projects for the bottom layer of society, such as living in containers.

Lisbon is a beautiful city, with a huge street-art culture and the basis of big graffiti specialists. Oporto or Porto as we call it, is the Rotterdam of Portugal, hard-working, innovative and continuous change. Portugal land of impossible traditions with one constant; constant change. We have the experience.

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