Nieuwe Bibliotheek Almere visiting Rotterdam
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Nieuwe Bibliotheek – Almere visiting Rotterdam

De nieuwe Bibliotheek Almere came to Rotterdam to discover a next level of redefining their business. Fresh Forward asked Reset Your Brand to look a bit closer to their business than usual. So we visited Leeszaal West, a place where you can borrow books for free and … you don’t have to bring them back at all. We had a mysterious lunch at Lucy’s Love Food were nothing looked normal. We enjoyed soup with a fork, a sandwich without bread and a mysterious passing by guest from the neighbourhood who started to read soft erotic literature.  We also had dinner at Izkaya where you can order your menu digital while at your table. Yes, it was a surprising tour in Rotterdam.



Fresh Forward

At Fresh Forward we work together with our clients to a 'next level' innovation for their brand, organisation, services or product. These projects always start with an inspiration phase. In this inspiration phase Reset Your Brand proved that they are able to shape our ideas in 'real life touching inspiration. Taking us, with our clients, easier to a next level.

The Urban Explorers of Reset Your Brand are experienced artists with a great creative, international network. They show us places we never will find ourselves and bring us contacts we would never met without Reset Your Brand. They even inspire our inspirators. 


Rotterdam - New York at the Maas!

Walking out of the Central Station it’s immediately obvious that this is no cutesy tulips-and-clogs traditional Dutch town, as the walls of shining silver skyscrapers and brightly coloured tower blocks rise up on every side of you. After wandering around the city for a while, you will soon discover why. In stead of rebuilding its historic centre, this forward-thinking port town employed an army of mad architects to completely redesign the city after it was flattened by German bombs in May 1940. They did a great job and created a new heart for Rotterdam that is not only modern and functional, but arresting and unique. Rotterdam is our home base and most used and succesful Unblocking City. With the new 'Markthal' and all the attention in the international media of a worldwide Top 10 Inspiring destination, Rotterdam is a must see place to visit.

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