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Maastricht: A chic city with hidden gems. 

Reset Your Brand opted for Maastricht. At first glance it is a city of wealth, labels and grandeur. On the other side there are non profit venues & creative freezones that are completely the opposite of the business we work in.

For customers of GENPAC we organized a 4 hour tour of remarkable places. With the Vespa cruising along known and unknown spots in Maastricht, while SHARE, GROW & INSPIRATION were the central themes. 

Quote of the client:
"We at Genpac used changes in a city as a metaphor for change in our business."



Reset your Brand organized an Experience Tour in April 2012 for our client and prospects in Maastricht. During this citytrip we saw amazing places on our Vespa's. No touristic spots, but unique locations which fits our wish to surprise our team. We experienced the city of Maastricht as locals do and look back on a fantastic, succesful day.



Maastricht, surprising jewel of the south!

Don't make jokes about it: Maastricht is utterly beautiful. The Crown Jewel of the south –maybe even of the entire country – it’s about as far from windmills, clogs and tulips as you want. Much of The Netherlands have a ‘samey’ feel to it, but here you find Spanish and Roman ruins, cosmopolitan food, French and Belgian twists in the architecture, a shrugging off of the shackles of Dutch restraint. Even the landscape is different: there are actually hilly streets and what passes for mountains ringing the centre. Unsurprisingly, many locals see themselves as a sophisticated breed apart from the North; by the same token, earthy Northerners see posh Maastricht as having an identity crisis – are these people Dutch or what?

Spanning both banks of the Maas river, with a host of pavement cafés and lovely old cobblestone streets, Maastricht is renowned for world-class dining and an elegant atmosphere that’s exquisitely addictive. Hemmed in between Belgium and Germany, it has a pan-European flavour: the average citizen bounces easily between Dutch, English, French, German and Flemish (maybe more). 

Maastricht is also a young student city with a lot of attention to green projects, an amazing Art Academy, and a lot of new start ups. With only 120.000 inhabitants Maastricht is a small town with a much bigger feeling.


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