Unblocking Barcelona, stad van rituelen
Fresh Forward

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Fresh Forward invited RESET YOUR BRAND to Barcelona to surprise their customers in the coffee and tea industry with three Unblocking routes.

Topics in this Unblocking Experience were 'daily life routines' and 'relevance of their own brand'.

With visits to El Born, Barrio Gottico Gracia and their most innovative new retail concepts. In the morning we visited the Mercat de Boqueria. The cook bought fresh food which was enjoyed in the evening. Imagine; diner at nine high on the roof of Barcelona. Of course with stunning views over Barcelona.
The groups also enjoyed lunch in Barcelona's best Pinxto and Tapas restaurant and we visited the fantastic exhibition about Ferran Adrian at the Musée de Palau. Hangar, breeding ground for audio visual creatives and Martini Dry Bar were also visited.

The next day we tried the best coffee and tea business of the city and the tour ended with an inspiring story of Escriba.

Reset Your Brand wants to thank Deborah Vlasblom for constant inspiration and connection with locals.

Fresh Forward

At Fresh Forward we work together with our clients to a 'next level' innovation for their brand, organisation, services or product. These projects always start with an inspiration phase. In this inspiration phase Reset Your Brand proved that they are able to shape our ideas in 'real life touching inspiration. Taking us, with our clients, easier to a next level.

The Urban Explorers of Reset Your Brand are experienced artists with a great creative, international network. They show us places we never will find ourselves and bring us contacts we would never met without Reset Your Brand. They even inspire our inspirators. 


No too-good-to-be-true

It’s the city’s rough edges that makes you love her even more. Barcelona is no too-good-to-be-true model tourist town, full of perfect paint jobs and picture postcard plazas. She is a real city who wears her fierce Catalan heart on her sleeve, dresses in the fading – but still beautiful – Modernista facades of yesteryear, and courts the company of dreadlocked hipsters, tattooed beatniks and other assorted counter-culture kids. Liberal, self-contented and loud-mouthed (especially after a caña or two), this is a city which never feels guilty about having a good time, and doesn’t care what she looks like in the morning.

Barcelona is also the city of a rhythm. Siesta is everything. Some stores don't open before 4 PM. Why open, if we can stay at the beach? And Barcelona is an utopia in food sensations. Barcelona is one of our major destinations. 


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