The Students of WDKA

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Resetting Reset Your Brand with the Willem de Kooning Academy students Lifestyle and Design/

Once or twice a year Reset Your Brand accepts assignments to organise 'another kind of tour'. Sometimes it’s a social project, sometimes an educational project. This year we were asked by The WDKA to take part in a project ‘ Create a protest’ by giving students inspiration about global and local trends. Normally we design tours for managers and boards of big companies. For Reset Your Brand it was a refreshing, even resetting experience to watch how students observe a city like Rotterdam.

The pictures from this projects which we used, are made by students.

'The second year students Lifestyle design use the city of Rotterdam as their context to create a protest for or against a societal issue related to their personal interest. To get to know the hidden gems of the city, to get inspired and to introduce them to new initiatives, we asked Reset Your Brand to show our students the city in a way they have never seen it before. A kickstart at the beginning of the assignment.' Isaac Monté