With Greenco to Marseille

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With Greenco to Marseille

Wow, Marseille, what an unforgettable experience we had with Greenco. Rough, Northern African, the South of France, the fantastic Bobzilla from Mama Shelter. Sometimes we produce Unblocking Experiences which we won’t forget ourselves. Marseille is awesome, with so many specialties to discover. With a dangerous edge which makes the city even more interesting to discover. In 2013 Marseille was the European Capital of Culture and that made it even more exciting to visit. A big gap between expensive new buildings and the poor areas gave our customers of Greenco something they won’t forget very easily. Marseille is one of our major new attractions and we would love to go back with more clients to see what is happening in this inspiring city in the south of France. Yes, the Wow factor is definitely here.


Marseille is a rich, pulsating port city bubbling over with history, cutting-edge creative spaces and hip multicultural urbanites. Since Greek settlers came ashore around 600 BC, waves of immigrants have made Marseille their home.

Marseille's maritime heritage thrives at the vibrant Vieux Port (Old Port), where fresh-off-the-boat catches are sold each morning. A feast of world cuisines, shops, music and cultural celebrations ensure the pace never slows in this busy city, where the mistral wind blows.

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