Pay Back time for 's Zomers Bloemen

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Payback Time

's Zomers Bloemen is one of our favorite inspiration suppliers. This time we were able to give them something back. Their annual staff day was in 2013 on a Sunday in Rotterdam. Sunday is not the most easy day to organize something in Rotterdam, because all stores are closed. But with the help of DLVS Creative services, Boymans van Beuningen and Tai Wu, we managed to deliver a fantastic day.

Reset your Brand thinks it is important to inspire people, but we also like to entertain people. Our job is one big party. It's nice to see people happy in their own city. Thank you Rene and Michael for all your help over the years.


Rotterdam - New York at the Maas!

Walking out of the Central Station it’s immediately obvious that this is no cutesy tulips-and-clogs traditional Dutch town, as the walls of shining silver skyscrapers and brightly coloured tower blocks rise up on every side of you. After wandering around the city for a while, you will soon discover why. In stead of rebuilding its historic centre, this forward-thinking port town employed an army of mad architects to completely redesign the city after it was flattened by German bombs in May 1940. They did a great job and created a new heart for Rotterdam that is not only modern and functional, but arresting and unique. Rotterdam is our home base and most used and succesful Unblocking City. With the new 'Markthal' and all the attention in the international media of a worldwide Top 10 Inspiring destination, Rotterdam is a must see place to visit.

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