Urban Exploring!

Your reason to travel with us…

We give you and your brand a chance to meet up with our international network of speakers, expositions, brand connaisseurs and trendproducers in the most influential spots around the globe. We are Urban Explorers who design inspiration tours world wide, with the help of local experts!

Together with our partners, we can offer you and your company a new direction towards the future. We believe in co-creation between our clients & partners and Reset Your Brand. 

Our way of doing the job!

Unblocking Experiences: We don't tell you how to do your job, we show you how it can be done in another way. How? By visiting retailers, speakers and by exploring surprising, wondering, new innovative business concepts and developments.

Grow and Harvesting events: Change is one thing. How to introduce change in brands, companies, factories, etcetera is something different. Change means fear. We change fear into chances. Once changes are introduced succesfully, there is a reason to celebrate these changes. We produce and design events to introduce future trends, changes and celebrate succeses.

"The Empires of The Future are the Empires of the mind"

Winston Churchill