Bernard Benavides

Urban Guide Barcelona

My name is Bernard and I was born in Barcelona. I also grew up between the United States and my mother's native country, El Salvador. I love photography, that's why I studied it at the Gris Art School in Barcelona, where I learned to see the world with different eyes.

Given how different events occur in today's world interests me more for social photography's. So I think it is not the experience itself, but the meaning we attach to experience.
Also I think there is nothing more beautiful than art, because through it we express and evolve. That's why I love Barcelona and I'm anchored to it. Never ceases to amaze me, as a city so small contains so much substance. There is a variety of art, people and crazy places which makes me fall in love with this city more and more.
I am an avid traveler so whenever possible I escape and travel around the world with my camera and my back pack. I like challenges and more complicated trips.
And finally just wanted to say about myself that I'm a sucker for novelty and I love meeting people. Barcelona and I are waiting for you.
Hasta la vista.