Marieke van der Hoek - Vijfvinkel

Urban Explorer Milan

Hi, I’m Marieke and I use all of my senses when I’m travelling. I love travelling in the countryside and make city trips. Milan has stolen a tiny bit of my heart the first time I visited the city, but now… after a number of visits, I’m falling in love! Once you know the best spots, you just feel at home. The best way to discover Milan is to ride a bike; that’s how you experience Milan at it’s very best. Everyone will think of Milan as a fashion city, and yes it is. But it’s much more than that! Recently, furniture and product design have become a big competition to fashion.

And you don’t need to spend all of your money: the shop windows are a feast to the eye! The funny thing is that most of the residents don’t know their own city; if you ask them a question about the hot spots in their own city they don't know the answer. You have to figure it out yourself!

Getting to know Milan is a great way to get a sense of what Italy has to offer, especially the food.