Ruud Tompot

Founder of Reset Your Brand, creator & host & experience designer

'I have been resetting myself lately. I can really recommand that to everybody' 

There was a moment in my life that I thought: 'Ruud, please start doing things you really like and quit the rest of your activities.' I can tell you that focussing on Reset Your Brand has been my most important decision in my career.

My strongest talents are connecting and observing people. With Reset Your Brand we are always watching what is happening in the world by monitoring the DNA of cities. With my history as co-owner of Het Stormt Advertizing I have not only the advantage to make the connection between brands and developments in the society, it gives me also the opportunity to inspire companies through visionairs from other companies. 

Reset Your Brand started already in 2003 under different name: E-Tours Unexpected Meetings. Since January 1st, 2013, we are focussing on the high-end next level market in Europe. We often combine forces with Fresh Forward, our partner in making this world a better place and unblocking companies.