Sara Jacue

Urban Explorer Spain

My name is Sara Jacue, I was born in Bilbao (Spain) but currently live in Barcelona where I work as an advertising consultant and coolhunter.

I studied advertising and public relations in the European University in Madrid and then I had a Master on Coolhunting at the Blanquerna University of Barcelona. After finishing my degree I've been working in advertising agencies and marketing departments of companies since 2004. This has given me a broader vision of communication and media and the experience to work on several freelance projects as a consultant. I love working for Brand communication from a social perspective. I’m restless and curious and I think this is what leads me to analyze every work I do and every trend I find.

I like to discover cities from another perspective, studying and analyzing the emerging trends and also meeting the creative people who make them possible: artists, curators and designers whose activities set the basis for the future branding and marketing strategies; they are the makers of the “cool”.

Feel free to contact me through LinkedIn and you can also visit my weblog where I share my analysis on trends, images and news that I find inspiring.